Inktober 2016

6th November 2016 Emily 0

Another year another Inktober! This year I went with the official prompts from the inktober instagram account, it was definitely a challenge indeed since some […]

Inktober – Day 22-31

9th November 2015 Emily 0

So I’m finally posting my final week of inktober drawings! I managed to get them all done and finished the inktober challenge (except for one day when […]

Inktober – Day 15-21

24th October 2015 Emily 0

This week, we chose the theme of games, so here are sketches from some of my favourite games! [envira-gallery id=”2159″]

Inktober – Day 2-7

7th October 2015 Emily 0

Week 1 of the autumn/winter theme for the inktober challenge so far! [envira-gallery id=”2163″]

Inktober – Day 1

1st October 2015 Emily 0

So this year I decided to have a go at Inktober! The aim is to draw one ink drawing every day for the 31 days […]

Dark Paradise

15th March 2014 Emily 0

I had a phase where I listened to a lot of Lana Del Rey, and felt inspired to do a quick sketch 🙂

Dian Mu

22nd April 2013 Emily 0

Going to gradually make my way out of the hiatus. I know, I know, it’s terrible, a job isn’t an excuse for not keeping up […]

Airship thumbnails…?

29th January 2013 Emily 0

I have always avoided designing anything too technical, like vehicles of any kind because I found it hard to imagine the structure and how it […]


11th January 2013 Emily 0

Been working on some ideas for my character can wear, I’ve taken influences from all sorts of real world styles, such as African, Native American, […]