Inktober – Day 22-31

9th November 2015 Emily Cheung 0

So I’m finally posting my final week of inktober drawings! I managed to get them all done and finished the inktober challenge (except for one day when […]

Have a Good Day!

15th August 2012 Emily Cheung 0

I’ve been wanting to do some more graphics design/illustration type work, and thought I’d start off with some simple pretty designs that might look nice […]

Digital Pulsar

5th August 2012 Emily Cheung 0

When my bro started his web design business Digital Pulsar with his friends, he asked me to do some concept logo type things for them…….


31st July 2012 Emily Cheung 0

When cleaning old stuff out of my room, I found an old sketchbook I used in college. For one of our projects we were given […]

Black & White

10th July 2012 Emily Cheung 0

I have just returned from a lovely (albeit quite eventful) holiday in Spain, and to get my mindset back into arty-working mode I thought I’d […]


8th June 2012 Emily Cheung 0

I wanted to do a piece that included my love for bokeh camera effects. Unfortunately I can’t afford an SLR camera do play with the […]