14th November 2015 Emily Cheung 0

A friend of mine that I met at GDCE asked me to help out with a bit of texture work for their Counter Strike: Global […]

Crane Wings

7th February 2014 Emily Cheung 0

A few months back, the company where I work were involved in a musical theatre production that would be shown in China. We were in […]


11th January 2013 Emily Cheung 0

Been working on some ideas for my character can wear, I’ve taken influences from all sorts of real world styles, such as African, Native American, […]

Full Body

8th January 2013 Emily Cheung 0

I’ve finished the full body design of the deer character 😀 I pretty much already had an idea for how I wanted the build of […]


2nd January 2013 Emily Cheung 0

So following on from my previous deer type species project I’ve been designing some heads for the race: I decided that my favourite one is […]


18th December 2012 Emily Cheung 0

So I was looking over my Mass Effect artbook and was admiring the processes they go through to design their aliens visually, as well as […]

Night Howl

2nd September 2012 Emily Cheung 0

I had an idea for a dark forest creature, so I thought I’d try some different painting techniques without spending too much time on details […]