Keep Calm and Game Jam

We heard about a 48 hour game jam that would be happening not far from Draw & Code’s office at Liverpool John Moores University. We couldn’t participate since it was mid-week, but then they asked us to judge! We may not be the most qualified people to judge game development, but we’re big gamers at D&C and we’ve talked about making a game for ages, we’ve just never had the time!

We’ve popped in to see the jammers a couple of times and seen some great progress, I’m amazed at what people have been able to do in a short amount of time and in such an intense setting! There were definitely some tired faces and various energy drinks/coffee/pizzas consumed in the process!

We’re really excited to be seeing the final games tomorrow, and it’s inspired us to try and get something done this year, even if it’s just small. Meanwhile check out their twitter feed since jamming is happening right now!

I really hope I’ll be able to take part in a game jam some day, maybe Global Game Jam next year? 🙂

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