Race Against Time

9th November 2014 Emily Cheung 0

A few weeks ago, some of the Draw & Code team helped to mentor young talent on the Emerging Artist Programme at Hope Street Limited. […]

Repeaty Shapes

17th July 2014 Emily Cheung 0

This week is the International Festival of Business in Liverpool, and at Draw & Code many of us have been busy with events, exhibitions and […]

Have a Good Day!

15th August 2012 Emily Cheung 0

I’ve been wanting to do some more graphics design/illustration type work, and thought I’d start off with some simple pretty designs that might look nice […]

Digital Pulsar

5th August 2012 Emily Cheung 0

When my bro started his web design business Digital Pulsar with his friends, he asked me to do some concept logo type things for them…….