Sunny Morning Breakfast

24th February 2015 Emily Cheung 0

I decided to have a go at another simpleCG challenge 😀 February’s theme was to depict a landscape/scene/interior that evokes some kind of mood/atmosphere. Inspired […]

D&C Showreel Ident

5th February 2015 Emily Cheung 0

After an eventful 2014, Draw & Code have put together a nice showreel with all the exciting work that we’ve done. Including augmented and virtual […]

V-Ray Beans

22nd January 2015 Emily Cheung 0

Just a quick thing, I had a go at rendering with V-Ray today. I’ve also been learning more about rendering techniques and linear workflow~ More […]

Midnight Polygon!!

9th November 2014 Emily Cheung 0

So I’ve been working on a super exciting side project, collaborating with a talented illustrator friend of mine Stephen Chan to make some cool little 3D […]

Race Against Time

9th November 2014 Emily Cheung 0

A few weeks ago, some of the Draw & Code team helped to mentor young talent on the Emerging Artist Programme at Hope Street Limited. […]

Ice House

4th October 2014 Emily Cheung 0

I’ve previously posted the promo for a projection mapping show we worked on here. So I thought I’d write a bit about what I contributed […]

Mushroom Terrarium

3rd October 2014 Emily Cheung 0

It’s been a while since I’ve done any little practices or tests, so when I saw simpleCG on tumblr had a monthly challenge, I thought why […]