When cleaning old stuff out of my room, I found an old sketchbook I used in college. For one of our projects we were given a few topics to pick from so I chose ‘Mysterious and Fantastical Creatures’. For research we had to look at other artists, and so I thought I’d scan in some of it 🙂

The dragon below from what I’ve found out is by Bob Eggleton, I really liked the use of colours, so I recreated it using oil pastels (ah~ how I miss oil pastels!). It’s supposed to be a black dragon rising out of the mist (click here for the original) but mine turned out more green!

The next image is a bit more recognisable for those of you who are fans of Studio Ghibli (If you don’t know Studio Ghibli then GO FORTH NOW!!). It’s a famous image of the dragon from the film Tales from Earthsea. I recreated it using pencil crayon for the dragon, and then decided to do the background using paint, only to realise that it would’ve been easier for me to have done the background first….so the background isn’t great unfortunately :/

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