18th December 2012 Emily Cheung 0

So I was looking over my Mass Effect artbook and was admiring the processes they go through to design their aliens visually, as well as […]

Elk Lance

5th October 2012 Emily Cheung 0

This is actually my first go at really painting a weapon, it’s a lance from my Elk weapon set. At first I didn’t really know […]

Elk Weapon Set

1st October 2012 Emily Cheung 0

I meant to post this last week but didn’t have time! Had a go at drawing up some weapons for an old character idea. The […]

Showreel 2012

24th September 2012 Emily Cheung 0

After I finished Ink, I thought I might update my showreel for my website. As well as adding in the new stuff, I thought the […]

Morning Fog

17th August 2012 Emily Cheung 0

Another new project, this is my first try at using matte painting techniques to create a landscape image. It is inspired by the beautiful countryside […]

The Poison

11th July 2012 Emily Cheung 0

Randomly appeared on my sketchbook today after I was thinking about doing something a bit different to what I normally do. Tried to go for […]


22nd June 2012 Emily Cheung 0

Now that I have free time, I’ve been able to finally finish painting my Chi sketch. I wanted her to have a bright colour scheme, […]

Sketch Pad

18th June 2012 Emily Cheung 0

My computer has decided to go a bit haywire, I can’t seem to use many programs without them crashing :/ So i’m going to take […]