Throne Room – WIP 4

So unfortunately I didn’t had a lot of time to work on this project because there was a deadline at Draw & Code that meant a few of us had to work over time, including at the weekend. So I wasn’t even close to getting it finished for the deadline!

Since my last update, I did some more sculpting, and started on some texturing. Here’s a Maya render of where it got to:


I completely changed the shape of the throne itself, because for a long time I just couldn’t picture how I wanted it to look, and I finally started on sculpting, I wouldn’t say it’s quite finished yet though:


And this was the scene that I had set up in Marmoset Toolbag so far:


I’ve thought about putting the scene into Unreal Engine because I’d like to learn more about that and start using it~

So despite missing the deadline, I’d still like to work on this scene in my free time, but now there’s no rush I can take my time to get it looking right 🙂

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