So I was looking over my Mass Effect artbook and was admiring the processes they go through to design their aliens visually, as well as giving them all in depth back stories, traditions and history which makes for great character development. Then I thought it would be cool to create and design my own species!

I have this thing about antlers and deer (not in a weird creepy way) because I think antlers are very cool (also why I designed my Elk weapons) and like the Great Prince of the Forest from Bambi they’re majestic and elegant, or maybe I just watched that film too much as a kid… So rather then an alien race, I’ve decided to have a go at developing something inspired by deer. So far I’ve done a bit of research with the help of Google images, and I also found a blog post about Rico LeBrun, who was hired by Disney to help them draw animals on the production of Bambi.

Here are some of my rough sketches:


These are just some early ideas:


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